Are you enjoying your book, but need a little extra assistance to help with your healing process?
Get the Companion Healing Workbook To Move More Quickly and Gracefully Through The Healing Process.
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Invest In The Companion Healing Workbook & Empower Yourself To Move More Quickly and Gracefully Through The Healing Process.
With "Jeremy Shares His Love From Above" PLUS The Companion Healing Workbook, You Are Absolutely Set To Gracefully Move Through The Healing Process!
Because most people need a little extra assistance and guidance to move through the grieving process, this Companion Workbook was created just for You! 

It compliments our book Jeremy Shares His Love From Above by providing activities that are designed to help you to rise above grief to enlightenment and joy.

The activities include assistance to:

✓ See the signs your Heavenly Loved Ones

✓ Connect with your Heavenly Loved Ones

✓ Identify and release the heavy emotions (sadness, regret, anxiety, fear, etc.) associated with grieving that can make life a daily struggle

✓ Forgive even when it is very difficult

✓ Connect and align with your higher self to receive divine answers

✓ Create a life you love living

✓ Connect with your Heavenly loved one through a guided meditation which is great to do when the feelings of missing your Heavenly loved ones arrise

✓ Raise your vibration to the Heavenly frequency of love through expressing gratitude
-and more!
This invaluable workbook is not available anywhere else for this price except through this special offer; and there is only a limited supply. Once the supply is gone, it may not come back...  

Today, I am offering this Remarkable Accessory, the  Companion Healing Workbook, to you! 

I know you will need this tool and appreciate how much it will help you to move forward more quickly on your healing journey and receive the peace and joy that you have been seeking and deserve. 
Bundle your FREE book along with the Companion Workbook!
  Jeremy Shares His Love From Above Book
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The Companion Workbook
Yours For ONLY $19.97 + FREE SHIPPING!
Watch this review from Rosie and see how it has helped her rise above grief!
Rosario Amezcua
"I don't know where I would be without Jeremy's messages and his books."
"Jeremy's book and workbook helped me immensely in coping with the loss of my uncle. It has taught me how to not hold the pain in and how to progressively experience the natural emotions, knowing that he only left his Earth body behind. I don't know where I would be without Jeremy's messages and his books. Thank you!" ~ Rosario Amezcua, California
"Jeremy's book and his workbook are helpful tools."
"My mom passed away in April of 2017. It was one of the hardest things I have faced in life. I no longer had my mom, my best friend, the person I could talk to about anything. Jeremy's book and his workbook are helpful tools. I highly recommend them. They aided me with the processing of my grieving. It helped me to know that even though our loved ones are not here physically, they are always with us. They attempt to communicate with us, sending us signs that we normally don't realized or speculate about. The workbook is incredibly useful! I could not believe how much I wrote including signs, questions, answers, and emotions. It's like having a healing session. I wrote many personal details that I didn't want to talk about or had a disbelief about. Grieving is a hard process. But after completing the workbook, I felt lighter and better about myself. It's a great feeling. We just have to remember that our loved ones are always with us!" ~ Adriana Calderon, California

Adriana Calderon
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